Smart service to automate
rental business

Rent Wizard is suitable for all types of rental services.


We guarantee complete confidentiality, safety and integrity of data.


Convenient control panel that even an inexperienced user can figure out.


We have automated routine tasks so that you don't waste your precious time on it.

Fine tuning

Ability to customize to any need to ensure maximum control over the business.

Key Features

Check out some key features.

Detailed analytics

We provide you with a detailed report on profits, statistics of individual inventory items, statistics and history of transactions with separate clients .

Price calculator

The system will calculate the transaction prices for you taking into account the range of dates and discounts and provide you with the amount in your currency .

Employee management

Add employees. Ensure or limit the rights of employees to specific actions in the system. Adjust the percentage of sales for employees. Find out which of the employees brings more income to the company.

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